If you are looking for pottery, pottery cups, pottery bowls, pottery mugs, or any other unique, hand-crafted pottery gifts, take a look at the pottery crafts we have in our store in Torrington

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Our Story

It was time

Don’t ever put off doing what you love.

That thought is what inspired Susan Matz, founder and owner of Water Street Potters to make the commitment to working at her art full time. A long time weekend resident of Torrington, she knew in her heart that her love was bound up in clay.

She has created a fantastic workspace for any experienced pottery enthusiast. The five stations and the kiln and the glazes are there, all the time, every day.

Let the muses touch your soul, try your hand at throwing clay, or just come browse and buy our pottery.

If you want to offer classes, come talk to us about using the Water Street Potters for your class room.


Captivated? Ready to know more?

If you want to find out more feel free to pop in, or use this link to contact us at (917) 952 9660

Clean Well-Lit Space

Clean Well-Lit Space

Rent a station for a nominal fee per month and get access to all our amenities, glazes and regular firings (additional fees may apply).

What We Offer

What We Offer

In our terrific, newly renovated space, we offer potters of every skill set an environment in which they can actualize their vision.

Sell Your Finished Work

Sell Your Finished Work

There is a joy in having others appreciate your work, and there are few things more satisfying than selling your work.